Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Old 16 Run

It begins

As a rush, and I settle in,

Stretching, as a cat awakening,

Sinuous muscles bunching,

Digging in, breathing, gulping

Trying to calm my heart

Which leaps against the bars of my ribcage.

Smash the throttle,

Hurtle towards the destination

An unmarked line in infamy,

Faster, chasing the satellite's tail.

Eyes on the lines,

That flow into a white ribbon

Urging me forward into the black,

Outrunning the light.

He crosses, and dashes

In semblance of panicked deer

Pushing each other on

And I, in fear of the collision, glance away.

Dogs barking against their master,

I am betrayed and upended,

Rolling once, twice, three times

on a roller coaster that crashes to a halt.

In defeat I hang,

Straining against my harness,

Upside down, sweating, and laughing.

I am alive, awaiting release.

Catherine Schmidt

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