Monday, January 3, 2011

Prairie Cemetery

If there be memories here,

Echoes of the past long ago silenced;

then they exist in the quiet whispers

of the rustling cottonwood leaves.


If there be a thought that lingers on,

a moment's ingenuity still considered;

then it is imbedded in the stems

of the golden rockets and pasque flowers here.


This gentle square of prairie, rough unbroken sod,

bears witness to a past which most have forgotten.

A lonely lilac guards a leaning stone,

drawing its branches in a protective embrace.

Root bound flowers encircle falling stones,

remnants of grief and a harder time.


If there be memories or thoughts here,

visions and ingenuity that linger on.

They are embedded in the depths

of my hardened country soul.

I have not forgotten.


Catherine Schmidt


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